JCCH kicked off the 150th Anniversary of the first Japanese immigrants to Hawai‘i at the 25th New Year’s 'Ohana Festival on January 14, 2018!  As a member of Kizuna Hawai‘i and the Gannenmono Committee, JCCH will sponsor a number of activities throughout 2018 to commemorate this historic milestone. 

The Gannenmono, or ‘first year men”, arrived in Hawai‘i from Yokohama in 1868. They numbered approximately 150 people from Japan of diverse backgrounds such as urban dwellers, artists, cooks and displaced samurai. These immigrants were the first of what would become wave after wave of Issei, the first generation. Working mainly as laborers or in the sugar cane fields, by 1924, so many Japanese had come to the islands that they constituted over 40% of the population.

For more information on the 150 anniversary activities and calendar of events, please visit www.kizunahawaii.com.