Japanese Cultural Center of Hawaii
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Seikōan Teahouse

An authentic Japanese tea house with three tea rooms for Japanese tea ceremony practice, the Seikōan (Shining Star) Tea House and garden were made possible through the generosity of Urasenke Grand Tea Master Genshitsu Sen XV, Ph.D. The original Seikōan was an independent tea house presented to the Honolulu Japanese Chamber of Commerce in 1960. It was redesigned and rebuilt at its present site on the fourth floor of the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai‘i’s main office building.

Urasenke Foundation of Hawai‘i, Edosenke Fuhaku Kai Hawaii Shibu and Omotesenke Hawaii Shibu currently practice tea ceremony and offer classes to the public.

Click “Education” and “Cultural Classes” for additional information on tea schools and classes offered.

Click here for article on the Seikōan Teahouse in the Hawaii Marine newspaper: http://www.mcbh.usmc.mil/news/Apr6B7.pdf.