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20th Annual New Year's 'Ohana Festival

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Location: Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai‘i/Mo`ili`ili Field

From: January 13, 2013 at 9:00am to: 5:00pm


20th Annual New Year’s ‘Ohana Festival
Sunday, January 13, 2013
9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai‘i/Mō‘ili‘ili Field
Free Admission into the Festival

(There is a charge for food and most activities) 

Free shuttle service from the University of Hawai‘i parking structure. Shuttle runs from 7:00 am - 6:00 pm. Parking at UH will be free (entry before 1:00 pm). Cars entering after 1:00 pm will be charged a parking fee.
Activities below are subject to change.

As part of its New Year’s tradition, the Japanese Cultural Center of Hawai‘i (JCCH) will ring in 2013 with its annual New Year’s ‘Ohana Festival. This fun-filled event will feature food, crafts, entertainment and cultural demonstrations of the people who make up this island state. This year the festival will continue to deliver all the traditional favorites such as okonomiyaki and mochi pounding demonstrations, but will also include food trucks, and a special performance by Kikaida & Friends! Keiki can also enjoy games and make-and-take activities throughout the day and don’t forget about the ever-popular kimono dressing open to everyone ages three and older (Cost: $80 nonmember; $65 JCCH members). Reservations for kimono dressing are strongly recommended. Fee does not include hair and make-up. Portraits are a seperate cost. Call JCCH for reservations or more information.

The New Year’s ‘Ohana Festival will be a great way for the community to come together and celebrate the Year of the Snake in 2013! You won’t want to miss this annual tradition as we mark the 20 years of ringing in the New Year and celebrating Hawai‘i’s cultural diversity.

Click here for Kimono Reservation Form.

Children’s Make and Take
1. Hachimaki (headband)
2. Laminated Luggage Tags
3. Origami Sumo
4. Ninja Turtle Mask/Visor
5. Self-Decorated Fan
6. Sandpaper Rubbings
7. Spiral Snake

1. Craftmix Hawaii
2. DK’s Things
3. Kawaii Mono
4. Kimonokitsu Studios LLC/Nemu Nemu
5. Noevir
6. IDJ Hawaii Damn Good Beef Jerky
7. Leihoku Gifts
8. Kissy
9. One By One Enterprises
10. Hoku’s Treasures
11. Island Style Creations
12. It’s About Time
13. Janimals
14. 442 Comic Book LLC
15. Primo Popcorn
16. Lani’s Place
17. Kalana
18. Kalena’s Kreations
19. TJ Hawaii
20. Simply Creative
21. Shareen Asago
22. G. Tees Creations
23. A Collection by Julia
24. Janice Morimoto
25. Design Club
26. T-Shirt Johnny
27. Nature’s Chesnuts
28. Noble Gunz
29. United Installation Corporation


Mō‘ili‘ili Field Main Stage
Emcee: Steve Uyehara
a. 9:00 am: Daijingu Temple of Hawai‘i – Shintō blessing
b. 9:10 am: Taiko Center of the Pacific
c. 9:45 am: Jaymie Lei Melket
d. 10:30 am: Tenrikyo Mission Headquarters of Hawai‘i (Mochi Pounding)
e. 11:00 am: Urizun Minyo Group
f. 11:30 am: Chinagu Eisa Hawai‘i
g. 12:00 pm: Tenrikyo Mission Headquarters of Hawai‘i (Mochi Pounding)
Emcee: Jill Kuramoto
h. 12:30 pm: Dragon Beat
i. 1:00 pm: Jon Yamasato
j. 1:30 pm: Tenrikyo Mission Headquarters of Hawai‘i (Mochi Pounding)
k. 2:00 pm: Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko
l. 3:00 pm: Royal Hawaiian Band and Glee Club

JCCH Courtyard Stage
Emcee: Glenn Wakai
a. 9:30 am: Hawai‘i Matsuri Taiko & Somei Taiko
b. 10:00 am: Hanayagi Dancing Academy Hawaii Foundation
c. 10:30 am: Harada Naoazusa-Kai
d. 11:00 am: Kikaida & Friends/ Ban Daisuke / JN Productions, Inc.
e. 11:30 am: Sawai Koto Kai Hawai‘i
f. 12:00 pm: Nakasone Dance Academy
Emcee: Justin Fujioka
g. 12:30 pm: Hawaii Shinryu Kan
h. 1:00 pm: Tamagusuku Ryu Senju Kai Frances Nakachi Ryubu Dojo
i. 1:30 pm: Hanayagi Mitsusumi Dance Studio
j. 2:00 pm: Meiwa Kai
k. 2:30 pm: Kikaida & Friends/ Ban Daisuke / JN Productions, Inc.
l. 3:00 pm: Kenshikan Kendo Club
m. 3:30 pm: Omiya Minbu Kai
n. 4:00 pm: University Laboratory School Kimono Project USA
o. 4:30 pm: Ryusei Taiko

Food Vendors
1. JCCH Bake Sale – variety of baked goods
2. Pavaraga Coffee – coffee, iced teas, cappuccino, mocha, lattes, blended drinks
3. KC Waffle Dogs – waffle dogs
4. Honolulu Japanese Junior Chamber of Commerce – Goteborg Musubis
5. Erin’s Shave Ice & Cotton Candy Company
6. Blazin Steaks & Hawaiian Roast Corn – Roast corn, steak plate, fried noodle steak plate, BBQ chicken plate, kalbi plate, garlic shrimp plate, grilled mushrooms and onions
7. Marian’s Catering – spam musubi, chow mein noodles, teriyaki beef bowl, teriyaki chicken bowl, fish donburi bowl, mini blueberry cream cheese scouffin, chili dog bowl
8. Yamaguchi Kenjin Kai – iwakuni sushi, tsukemono
9. Ryukyukoku Matsuri Daiko Hawaii – andagi, andagi hot dog, calendars
10. Honolulu Fukushima Kenjin Kai – bento, chi chi bites (mochi), shrimp tempura roll, sushi natto roll, keiki bento
11. Ohia Productions -  fruit smoothies
12. Yamanashi Kyoyu Kai – Grilled mochi with nori, maki/inari sushi, and curry rice
13. Honolulu Hiroshima Kenjin Kai – okonomiyaki, tofu mousse, oboro tofu
14. Hokulani Schools – Frito pies (chili over fritos, with onions and cheese), coke float, root beer float
15. Fukuoka Kenjin Kai – huli-huli chicken plate, yakitori sticks, musubi with nori and/or furikake or ume
16. Elena’s Filipino Food Truck
17. Simply Ono’s Food Truck

Cultural Tables
1. Calligraphy, Ryuho Hamano
2. Calligraphy, Hawai‘i Toka Kai
3. Chigiri-e, Lily Nakano
4. Origami & Miniature Hawaiian Ikebana Demonstration, Lillian Yajima & Sakura Alumni Hawaii (Former Cherry Blossom participants)
5. Bonsai, Bonsai Club of Hawai‘i – Bonsai sale
6. Ikebana, Ikebana Ohana
7. Kumihimo, JCCH Kumihimo Workshop
8. Shippoyaki, Shippoyaki Club of Hawai‘i
9. Sadako Project, Sadako Club
10. Mizuhiki, BASKETS, etcetera by Nancy
11. Shishu, Japanese Embroidery Guild
12. Go, Farrington High School Go Club
13. Oahu Anime Explorer
14. Kawaii Kon(Anime)
15. Japan Travel Association, Welcome to Japan
16. Red Cross Hawaii, Disaster preparedness, CPR, swimming classes, essential community programs. Info on how they support Japan Earthquake & Tsunami victims.
17. Daijingu Temple of Hawaii, omamori sales
18. Izumo Taishakyo Mission of Hawaii, omamori sales
19. Hawaii Kotohira Jinsha – Hawaii Dazaifu Tenmangu, omamori sales

Keiki Games
Passports are $5 for 12 games
1. Games
a. Kingyo sukui
b. Portuguese horseshoes
c. Bilboquet/kendama
d. Goldfish pond
e. Daruma ball toss
f. Balloon yoyo catch
g. Ring toss
h. Plinko
i. Snake toss tic tac toe
j. Frog jumping
k. Snake safari
l. Lucky face
m. Zodiac topple
n. Snake ball drop
o. Coin drop
p. Bamboo topple
q. Coin toss
r. Lucky ball toss
s. Flying frogs
t. Word matching
u. New Years symbol matching
v. Zodiac trait matching
w. Prize wheel

1. Bouncer Rides

Other JCCH Booths
1. Resource Center – Book Sales
2. Kimono Dressing
3. Gift Shop – White Elephant Sale (5th Floor)
4. Approaching the Sacred: Japanese Buddhist Temples in Hawai‘i exhibition (Community Gallery)
5. Hello Kitty picture taking
6. Yelp
7. Geico

New Year's Ohana Festival


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